1. What is in a bar of soap?

A bar of soap contains true soap, naturally formed glycerin and luxury oils. It may also contain cosmetic fragrances, essential oils, botanical powders, calendula flower petals and goat milk solids. 


2. What benefits does Calendula Skin soap have?

Calendula Skin makes soap in small batches, with minimal processing at room temperature. Soap bars may be old fashioned, but the updated recipe is calculated to the gram such that luxury oils remain in the final product and the soap is never harsh or drying. Glycerin forms naturally from certain oils and helps attract moisture to your skin after use, making handmade soap naturally moisturizing. The olive oil used in Calendula Skin soaps is infused with healing calendula flowers for at least two weeks, for maximum skin benefits. Locally sourced raw goat milk adds creaminess to the lather, making the use of handmade soap a truly luxurious experience. 

3. What is your background?

Mara is a Microbiologist with more than ten years experience working in research and industrial laboratories. Making soap is simply an extension of her science background. She feels confident in creating Calendula Skin's proprietary formulations, choosing ingredients based on their properties and maintaining a hygienic work environment based on industry standards. Simply put, not only does she understand the ins and out of the soap making process, she is also passionate about what she is doing.  

4. Why is handmade soap mild for the skin?

Not all handmade soap is mild, as different ingredients have different cleansing power. For example, ingredients with high cleansing power are used in dish and laundry soaps, while facial soap bars and baby soap bars have the most gentle cleansing properties. Each use calls for a different degree of cleansing power and Calendula Skin creates formulations for each particular need. Naturally formed glycerin present in every bar also helps with the mildness factor. 

5. How is handmade soap different than store bought soap?

Calendula Skin makes soap naturally, using luxury oils, butters and lye. There is only one way to obtain soap and that is the saponification reaction, resulting in true soap and glycerin. Handmade soap is made at room temperature, allowing the ingredients to maintain their maximum skin benefits. Naturally formed glycerin also remains in the finished bar of soap. Store bought bars are mass manufactured at high pressure and temperatures, and contain no glycerin as it is removed from the finished soap bar. A commercial bar of soap labeled 'glycerin soap' may contain glycerin extracted from other soap batches. Every bar of handmade soap contains natural glycerin and is 'glycerin soap'.

6. What ingredients are used in Calendula Skin soaps? 

Calendula Skin makes soap naturally, using luxury oils, butters and lye. Ingredients used may be, but are not limited to calendula infused olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, shea butter, soy butter, goat milk, coconut milk, aloe vera puree, essential oils, cosmetic fragrance oils, botanical powders, calendula petals and natural clays.