About Calendula Skin

Calendula Skin offers a collection of limited edition specialty soaps encompassing a deep love of nature, passion for creating original formulations and aim for healthy living. Natural ingredients are combined based on their properties to created a balanced final product with maximum skin benefits.

Ingredients produced by farmers in Georgia, USA are often used. The goat milk is raw and locally sourced from the most passionate and caring goat owner. All the olive oil is infused with natural Calendula officinalis flowers grown locally. Other ingredients such as beeswax and packaging materials are also locally and responsibly sourced, with an awareness for resource conservation.

Calendula Skin is passionate about making true soap and creating custom formulations to suit the needs of every individual. Wash your hands with a bar of true soap. Work up a luxurious lather and give this naturally made product the opportunity to work its cleansing magic. Enjoy the feeling of "Calendula Skin"!